Cruisin' with Crystal

Sailing with Crystal Cruises is such an unbelievable experience. When
I was selected to teach piano lessons on their cruise line as part of
their Passport to Music program I was thrilled. Traveling all over the
world and meeting great people was an added perk. Here are some of
the fun people I have met.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dale Gonyea while cruising the British
Isles. It was the highlight of my trip to becomes friends with this
hilarious man. He is the modern Victor Borg and while he puts on a
very funny show, he is a very accomplished pianist as well! In the
spring of 2009, we were lucky enough to have him perform in our
community as part of the Folsom Lake Community Concert Series.

For more information visit
Google his name for his many sites.

Bernard Walz is one to the of the featured concert pianists on Crystal
Cruises. I met him on my very first cruise to Alaska. We got to know
each other better when we ended up on three other cruises together.
He is very tall, although some say I am very short. He had to kneel for
this picture. I encourage you to buy one of his CDs.  You will find
that Bernard is a very entertaining performer.

You can visit his Website at

That may not be her gold medal, but it was one large piece of gold!!
Mary Lou was the guest lecturer on Crystal, and we met on this trip
through the gold country of Alaska. Being "friends for a day" with
Mary Lou was quite exciting. She is such a gracious person and was
friendly to everyone on the ship. I have to say that this was the one
time I actually felt tall! However, I was brought back to reality when I
stood next to her husband, who is on the left.
YES!! He is as funny as he looks!
What a joy to end up friends
with Mark on Crystal. Besides
being extremely nice, he is quite
the talent. His DVD, Naked in
a Full Length Mirror, is a lot
of fun using clever and clean
humor with his "best pals".
Here I am with Mark and his
friend Jose Diego, the bald
eagle with a comb-over.

Crystal Cruise
Entertainer Of The Year
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