Lesson Information
Group or Private??
While private lessons have been the traditional approach for many years,
group lessons have proven to be more successful for beginning students. In
this environment, students thrive on the constant interaction with others. It is
a much more enjoyable experience, giving students the same music
fundamentals taught in a private lesson.
Who needs theory anyway??
This is a common question from students who normally hate learning theory.
If you ever had lessons and had to work on theory pages at home, you know
what I mean. The most common student trick is "losing" their theory paper.
Theory can be made fun by all the sophisticated computer games now
available. Working together, exploring all the materials I have, makes learning
theory a very enjoyable experience. In addition, all students come to a 45
minute theory class once a month.
Do I need a piano??
Sounds crazy, but I have been asked. The answer, of course, is yes.
However, young beginners can start on an electric keyboard as long as it
has at least 61 keys. This is a temporary instrument. If you want your child
to learn piano, it is important to realize that eventually they are going to need
a piano. When deciding to purchase an instrument, I can help in advising you.
How old is old enough??
For adult students, I would say you are old enough and it's time to get
started! For the "less mature", you can get started at the age of four. I have
many "little ones" and enjoy them very much. Many have already performed
in recitals!

Can Adults learn how to Play??
My adult group classes are the most enjoyable. It is so reassuring to learn with
other adults who have similar struggles. My classes are aggressive and you
would be surprised at how rapidly you can progress. Adults have a more
convenient schedule, meeting only twice a month for an hour. Private lessons
are also available. Contact me for my adult policies and schedules.

Monthly Schedules:
Each month students receive four lessons. These consists of three 30
minute lessons, and one 45 minute theory lesson.  On months where there
are five weeks, I will take one week off.  Monthly calendars are emailed to
students in advance so that you may plan ahead.

Lesson Policies and Fees:
Payments are made monthly, in advance. There is a one time material fee
of $20, due with the first month's tuition. THERE ARE NO ANNUAL
REGISTRATION FEES! No make-ups or deductions are given for missed
lessons, however exceptions can be made during the summer months
depending on availability. For more information on policies and fees, please
feel free to contact me at 916-983-7245 or rcpiano1@gmail.com.