Since 1972, I have been a member of the Music Teachers' Association of
California (MTAC). In those years, I have held many positions on the Board
of Directors
. I served six years as president of the Sierra Branch and currently
hold the office of secretary on the State Board
. I have chaired various different
programs, including Certificate of Merit. I am employed by the MTAC as one
of their state adjudicators. My studio follows the strict codes of the MTAC.

Music Teachers’ Association of California was founded and incorporated in
1897 under the laws of the State of California to promote the welfare of the
music teacher and to elevate the educational and teaching standards of its
Members are qualified and accredited teachers in the community.
The Code of Ethics maintains a high standard of personal and professional

As a member of the MTAC, my studio maintains the highest professional
standards to
ensure the utmost musical development of students. The Sierra
Branch provides opportunities for teachers to expand their professional
education through workshops and presentations by known lecturers and artists.
Being a member of the MTAC has given me the opportunity to develop
professional relationships with my colleagues